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Head flashing or sealant at top of windows x Remove and replace sealants. 2* The fire propagation characteristics are determined for post-flashover fires of interior origin. 1407. Now, ahead of forthcoming code changes, EIFS is making a comeback, with manufacturers touting upgrades to their products and EIFS construction in general. Using Corrugated Lath Strip ensures the minimum drainage gap while keeping the foam panels in plane. Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) must also meet weather resistance requirements. Coating – A material applied to the surface of an AMSV assembly following construction for aesthetic purposes or to enhance one or more physical properties, such as resistance to staining or moisture penetration. Perfect chemical stability. Successful completion of these tests assures the public that the EIFS assembly will meet the intent of the building code and perform in the event a fire should take place. . Suggest sealing all exposed window construction. Is alkali-resistant. Elements of an EIFS Wall Assembly. Cleaning of existing wall  EIFS, also called synthetic stucco, is under fire for promoting moisture retention that can lead to structural EIFS is an acronym for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. The EIFS industry recognizes that continuous rigid insulation is not a perfect barrier system, and as a result relies on a drainage gap between the foam and the water resistive barrier to drain liquid. EIFS systems are specified to be installed over approved exterior sheathings that consist of gypsum products, plywood panels, oriented strand board (OSB) panels, and masonry products. We're looking at the back side of the assembly for the EIFS wall, it's our exterior wall here, and you can see we've got the green board for the sheathing, and it's always important when you see that bright green, or some companies make it in yellow, you can see the bright color means exterior grade sheathing Pacific Exteriors is the premier Portland, OR Stucco replacement contractor and stucco installer leader in EIFS siding replacement, and Stucco replacement. wall assembly. He stated that this system is "designed to eliminate incidental moisture buildup in the wall assembly of homes. This requirement increased the water resistiveness of the assembly by creating a continuous drainage plane behind the insulation boards. Basic EIFS Assembly: The picture on the right illustrates a basic EIFS system that is an Omega Stucco system and uses an adhesive on the substrate, foam insulation board, a base coat that is embedded with mesh and a finish coat. Be sure to use two layers of underlayment behind stucco since the stucco can adhere to the underlayment and prevent drainage. B. Industry standards limit the heat energy per square foot average fuel loading over the entire EIFS assembly to 6,000 British thermal units (Btus). May be used in Parex USA Krak-Shield assembly. If there  TeifsFlex EIFS is classic EIF system. Roof decking blown off of a building with a 5-V crimp metal panel roof. flashing align w/ window flashing typ. The EvenFlow Pressure Roller with In-Line Valve eliminates the need to stop and dip your roller into the messy paint tray while giving you the best angle to roll with. Commercial Cement Plaster (CCP) 2 CCP 2 is a traditional stucco assembly over wood or steel frame construction with a Dryvit approved sheathing and a Dryvit polymer finish. If possible, a wall assembly system listed by a nationally recognized testing agency should be used. 1 EIFS Council of Canada EIFS Practice Manual Version atlanta stucco repairs, marietta eifs contractor, acworth ga dryvit repair, kennesaw eefs contractors, roswell georgia drivit repairs, alpharetta hard coat stucco, johns creek eefs repair, milton ga stucco bond, moisture free warranty, stucco inspector atl, eifs inspections sandy springs georgia, buckhead ga stucco, cartersville ga mold testing, rome ga stucco repair, calhoun indoor air 2. 1* This standard provides a test method for determining the fire propagation characteristics of exterior wall assemblies and panels used as components of curtain wall assemblies that are constructed using combustible materials or that incorporate combustible components. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Factory Mutual Approved EIFS wall assemblies can be found in the FM Approval Guide under Building Materials, Exterior Roofing and Siding, Wall Coating Systems. exterior sheathing. 1 This guide describes the types of project-specific construction conditions that need to be communicated by means of drawings (“details”) for the purpose of constructing Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)-clad barrier and drainage wall assemblies. This system includes first and second planes of protection from precipitation, and a geometrically-defined drainage cavity that is 10 mm deep and 37% open. Window sill flashings / drainage x This is a barrier cladding system. High R-Value Wall Assembly-12: Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) Wall Construction — Building Science Information More information Find this Pin and more on Passive House by Matthew Hohmeier . (EIFS). Exterior insulation and finish systems, or EIFS, are proprietary wall cladding assemblies that combine rigid insulation board with a water-resistant exterior coating. For use with mechanically fastened drainage EIFS, insulated cement plaster stucco, and cement board systems to provide an avenue for flow and drainage of incidental moisture from the wall assembly. This original, inherent engineering feature remains in place for current EIFS claddings, including prefabricated panels. of the wall assembly; missing Diverter Flashing at the roof/wall intersection,  EIFS. 1. dryvit. com. System Assembly Options and Warranties: All Approved WES EIFS 24 System Assemblies are warranted for a period of 10 Years after completion of the project. Unlike stucco, EIFS can be applied to large areas uninterrupted by control joints, and with a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. Transportation Other siding products, such as aluminum panel, wood, and vinyl are comparable to EIFS, as they are lightweight materials requiring significantly less truckloads to transport the materials to the jobsite. EIFS whereas the IBC deals with exterior veneers in general, and (b) the IRC does not contain an exception for the use of the wall assembly by providing a water The industry leader in high-performance wall systems and building products. Drained EIFS is fundamentally diff erent from face-sealed systems in that it anticipates water ingress and provides a means for it to exit the assembly before it can cause problems. xx November 2015 ® ATTENTION Sto products are intended for use by qualified professional contractors, not consumers, as a component of a larger construction assembly as specified by a qualified design professional, Painting with a roller has never been easier. Stucco over High-R Thermax Polyisocyanurate Insulation Board,stucco,stuccoing,stucco application,polyurethane insulation,polystyrene insulation,La Vereda Compound, This article discusses the installation of stucco exterior wall finishes over insulating foam board, including the choice of high-R value insulating board for use under stucco on building exteriors. Water Damage and EIFS According to Nick Gromicko Synthetic stucco is foam board and mesh made of fiberglass attached to a wall covered with a polymer-based material which is textured to look like historic stucco which is an exterior insulation or EIFS. 2 m, (4” x 250’) per roll. EIFS in its current basic form was developed in West Germany in the 1960s and introduced in the United States in 1969 by Dryvit. An air barrier Moisture drainage air ventilation EIFS system minimizes the risk of condensation within the building envelope. Unequaled growth over the past two and a half decades and a listing in INC It is prudent and advisable to consult the EIFS and One-coat stucco manufacturer regarding compatibility of the materials and appropriateness of the assembly. BUILDING ENVELOPE PERFORMANCE Figure 5-12. Construction Canada Materials Centre (CCMC) Drainage Study EIFS with Drainage has excellent drainage and drying capabilities. Provide new sheet metal flashings at wall openings and at transitions between varying assemblies. Blueskin® VP160 Air Barrier Assembly Henry® defines an assembly as the installation of a primary WRB membrane, such as Blueskin® VP160, and authorized auxiliary components. 1. scope: This test method covers a procedure to determine the resistance of a section of the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) to outward loads imposed on an existing exterior wall assembly that has been in place on the building for an unspecified period of time. 04 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION A. AN EIFS WALL ASSEMBLY EIFS is a multi-layer system that consists of six basic components: • Substrate, usually exterior gypsum board, oriented strand board (OSB), or plywood • Membrane or rainscreen (in some systems) • Exterior insulation (adhesively or mechanically fastened) • Base coat, consisting of proprietary acrylic copolymer disper- BOEN - 4. Specific emphasis is on the integration of continuous insulation with a mutlitude of exterior finish materials on cold-formed steel framing. Also, rain may flow through the roof joints into the EIFS lamina if these DensElement Barrier System is ⅝" thick and it is noncombustible. Incidentally, it’s important to note that the 2012 IBC also prescribes that these components meet the following ASTM requirements: exterior sheathing. For EIFS with drainage, the water-resistive barrier shall comply with Section 1404. com/forum/house/947318-opinions-dryvit-eifs. EXTERIOR INSULATION AND FINISH SYSTEMS (EIFS) WITH DRAINAGE. Deformation resistance. Extruded Aluminum EIFS. Use with Parex USA EIFS to achieve EIMA's medium impact strength classification. Insul-Flex Standard EIFS offer the benefits available in EIFS; energy efficiency, light weight, versatile design, and economical installation. Wall Assemblies. coating, direct applications to substrate sheathing, EIFS, Stucco, ICF finish systems, Drainable Rainscreen assemblies or applications to enhance standard metal building construction, no company offers a broader selection of wall cladding and configuration options. No evidence of window sill flashing or drainage. WBP Offers a wide variety of stucco & acrylic based construction products, colors, and system assemblies. Please accept my apologies for all of the omissions and problems with EIFS cladding. I don''t know what''s worse cutting into the wall and flashing it so the water lays at the Dryvit Outsulation - the original continuous insulation (CI). See General Information for Fire-resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 263 Certified for United States Design Criteria and Allowable Variances EIFS have the appearance of stucco. Evidence of moisture damage at this face-sealed EIFS assembly includes corrosion, delamination, and mold. Re: House Wrap with Stucco - Tyvek or Typar?? Typar is much less vapor permeable than Tyvek and it seems a bit tougher. EIFS does not breathe and will not allow trapped moisture to evaporate easily, which can cause great damage over time. EIFSarenonstructural,nonload-bearing,exteriorwall cladding systems that consist of an insulation board attached either adhesively or mechanically, or both, to the substrate; an integrally reinforced base coat and a textured protective finish coat. has been a business built on values, quality construction practices, and innovation. ) on the EIFS wall  nounced “EE-fus” or “EEFs”), are proprietary wall cladding assemblies that combine rigid insulation board with a water-resistant exterior coating. Provide new sealant at wall openings, penetrations and EIFS panel-to-panel joints. LaHabra EIFS products should only be installed by Parex USA currently listed applicators (CLA). The new EIFS assembly shall replicate the existing EIFS aesthetic finish. I''d rather see the stone veneer applied directly to the wall and kept 2" off the sidewalk. Because EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish Systems) rely on a perfect seal at the exterior surfaces, they are susceptible to entrapment of moisture inside the system. Just like any environment involving teamwork, there’s always a member that helps strengthen the team and allows them perform better. The third method utilizes weather protection (using concrete or masonry walls), which allows water tremco illbruck’s wide portfolio comprises of many products for the assembly of the EIFS Systems. US NFPA 285 Wall Assembly Wizard Using Dow insulation, architects designing EIFS assemblies are provided with a reliable single-source solution for the air  Jul 7, 2017 Exterior insulation for EIFS is typically EPS at R-4/inch. Images below represent a WaterWay Drainable Stucco Assembly. 5 Installation. c Install Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) over gypsum sheathing using mechanical fasteners. Embedded into the basecoat layer to provide reinforcement and resistance to cracking. 2 m, (39” x 250’) per roll. Start studying Materials & Methods Exam 2. [ Page 1 of 4 ]. roof assembly, see 1b/a410 If wood on window or door frames feels soft, or it is discolored, water may have entered the wall assembly around the frame; and; areas of cracking or bulging: If there are cracks in the EIFS itself, moisture will be able to infiltrate the wall assembly and cause rotting. For EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) that critical impact player, providing additional team support, comes in the form of reinforcing mesh. The tested assembly included panel joints, a window, and an electrical penetration. A complete air barrier system has individual air barrier parts. (96. 3) The sealant backer rod shall be of closed cell. The Korax Solution To The EIFS Problem. Sealant performance is crucial to EIFS performance. This family of EIFS offered by Dryvit includes: substrate air/moisture protection, drainage for incidental rain penetration, and a durable finish system that can be enhanced to meet your needs - Dryvit Outsulation is a high-performance cladding solution. If it is aesthetics you want, building science you need, and at a cost that allows you to make an impact and be competetive - choose a Senergy Wall System. 1 PURPOSE: Enclosed is your EIFS Moisture Inspection. 2 or ASTM E2570. RD309 - Report to the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees of the Virginia General Assembly on Community-Based Sickle Cell Programs -- September 26, 2018 RD377 - 2018 Report to the General Assembly on Services Provided by Virginia Department of Health Dental Hygienists Pursuant to a “Remote Supervision” Protocol EIFS. In some cases, floor or floor-ceiling assembly designs also include ratings for floor beams. Moisture loads available to the structure www. 2. A 1/8 inch air gap creates a capillary break to drain liquid water and limits thermal loss. The result is a material that performs extremely well in laboratory mold tests conducted in accordance with ASTM D3273. A. This system is highly flexible, crack resistant and can be used for new construction as well as retrofit projects and offers the  Apr 5, 2018 From tested, full system integration of the air and moisture barrier in the EIFS assembly to the different basecoat and mesh options available  Dec 1, 2014 One of the most cost effective exterior insulation is EIFS but there are many other assemblies and configurations that incorporate foam products  WHAT IS EIFS? EIFS is a non-load-bearing wall assembly system that attaches sheets of expanded polystyrene or polyisocyanurate to the exterior of buildings. If wood on window or door frames feels soft, or it is discolored, water may have entered the wall assembly around the frame; and ; areas of cracking or bulging: If there are cracks in the EIFS itself, moisture will be able to infiltrate the wall assembly and cause rotting. It is my understanding that the manufacturer’s technical department has been assisting with input regarding the stucco over EIFS assembly. 2 and 1705. The product is also called synthetic stucco and refers to a multi-layered exterior finish that's been used in European construction since shortly after World War II when contractors found it to be a good repair choice for buildings damaged during the war. In 1969, Dryvit Systems, Inc. Add the Korax RainScreen Panel™ over their EPS insulation layer utilized by any stucco finish system made with acrylic, modified polymer or cementitious material as a "second layer of defense" to water ingress and subsequent deterioration of the building structures. </p> However, in the market today, EIFS manufacturers do not use Barrier systems for exterior exposed conditions. Keith Moore has previously worked for Sto Corp. Regarding EIFS, tested assemblies often don’t include the extra thickness of polystyrene foam used in building installations, which would supply additional fuel in a fire. EIFS. Amvic Building System is an approved original component supplier for leading EIFS manufacturers, using the strict specifications guidelines of the EIFS Council of Canada. Let’s start with EIFS – What’s a typical EIFS wall assembly? Typically EIFS is a layer of foam laminated or mechanically fastened to a substrate with mesh and a polymer base coat over the top of the foam, and then an acrylic finish over the top of everything. Steven Doggett, Ph. Jan 2, 2016 In the past, EIFS was only assembled at the construction site; today the system can be prefabricated and transported to the site. Repair of Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) Wall Assemblies. EIFS assemblies consist of a thin, brittle coating over a soft substrate and are easily damaged by impact. Those provided above are the most commonly specified. Stucco and EIFS look very similar and serve very similar functions, which is why it Left: two-coat stucco assembly diagram; image via International Masonry  Prefabricated EIFS-Clad Wall Panel Assemblies. Dead Loads for Facade Components and Systems, lists 6" metal stud backup @ 16" oc as 1. (1)(b) of the National Building Code of Canada, 2010. For EIFS with drainage, the water-resistive barrier shall comply with Section 1403. When applied with other necessary wall components to meet code, the exterior finish will have a durable, alkali resistant structure that helps minimize cracking EIFS vs Stucco with Continuous Insulation. The boards should be kept dry. Products manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 Quality System. EIFS Starter Strips; EIFS Starter Tracks; EIFS Control Joints; EIFS Corner Beads; EIFS Panel Edge; EIFS Soffit Vents & Drips; EIFS Reveals; EIFS Sill Wedge; EIFS Casing Beads; EIFS Weep Screed; DEFS Casing Beads; DEFS Corner Beads; DEFS Panel Edge; DEFS Starter Strip; DEFS Control Joints; DEFS L-Beads; DEFS J-Beads; DEFS Reveals; DEFS Soffit NC: Non Load Bearing Wall Assembly tested per CAN/ULC S101 and compliant with Clause 3. PUCCS EIFS for Residential and Low Rise. Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior wall cladding that utilizes rigid insulation boards on the exterior of the wall sheathing with a plaster appearance exterior skin. As the name implies, EIFS with Drainage helps to eliminate moisture before it has an opportunity to enter the wall cavity. Only one type can be selected at a time. of EIFS, EEWS can prefabricate a custom exterior to bring any design to life. Provide flashing to direct water to the exterior where it is likely to penetrate components in the wall assembly, including, above window and door Drying Potential of EIFS Walls: Innovative Vapor Control Strategies ABSTRACT: Durability and service life of EIFS wall assemblies are strongly dependent on the wall's hygrothermal perlorrnance. 1408. Prongs enable pre-spotting into insulation for easy on-the-wall fastener assembly. Air- and Water-Resistant Barriers NFPA 285 Wall System Compliance Directory Sto Technical Services Version 2. installation & assembly instructions for Wagner's wide range of railing, metal, pipe & tube products. The proposed settlement of Ruff v Parex will award individual payments between $15,000 to $18,000 to affected homeowners. AkroFlex Barrier EIFS AkroFlex Barrier Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a lightweight, multi-component exterior wall assembly. Builders and owners using EIFS should also be sure to consider Western Blended Products is your one-stop shop for One Coat (1-Kote), Conventional & EIFS Systems. From tested, full system integration of the air and moisture barrier in the EIFS assembly to the different basecoat and mesh options available based on the impact resistance needs of the building, EIFS has shown a continuous ability to meet the aesthetic and durability requirements of building professionals and their clients. Just as important, however, Gypsum Sheathing second method (which includes many EIFS, curtain walls, and other specialized systems) strives to prevent water from entering the cladding and may or may not have drainage provisions to address water that does enter. 16. What is a typical EIFS wall assembly? Typically, EIFS is a layer of foam laminated or mechanically fastened to a substrate with mesh and a polymer modified base coat over the top of the foam and encapsulating the reinforcing mesh – and then an acrylic finish color coat over the top of everything. city-data. Prefabricated EIFS panels The Rain Screen Approach. 6 QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Fastwall 300 HE is a "High Efficiency" Continuous Insalation (CI) standard stucco assembly with an additional layer of insulation board up to 2 inch thick with abase coat thickness between 3/4 in to 7/8 inch. Section Includes: 1. Installation of the EIFS and EIFS with drainage shall be in accordance with the EIFS manufacturer’s instructions. EIFS is an adhesively attached insulating cladding system. EIFS is a classic "barrier" system without a second line of defense, although various proprietary "rain-screen" variations are marketed (including the one pictured in the image below, at One assembly in particular, wall cladding, has a team of its own called EIFS, or Exterior Insulation and Finish System, typically made up of several different layers. This offers the option to use one continuous barrier over the substrate regardless of the cladding. Finding the right estimating software for Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems ( EIFS) doesn't have to be difficult. Unfortunately following conditions, successful EIFS construction can proceed through winter months despite cold addition, the minimum temperature of 5°C (both surface and ambient temperatures) must be maintained until all the layers and components of the EIFS assembly have cured, usually 24 to 48 hours after completion of each phase of work (i. If they get wet, they need to fully. e. The purpose of this moisture inspection is to help assess the condition of the EIFS system by looking for visible installation flaws, inadequate water diversion and sealant failures and conduct moisture testing using electronic moisture testing devices. Thank you for including Senergy in your project plans INTRODUCTION: Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) have been used successfully for over 50 years in the US. , inside assembly) – Assemblies with: • Wall coverings > ¼" thick; or wall coverings ≤ ¼" thick without an air space – Cannot have combustible components that exceed 750°F at thermocouples near the assembly perimeter at the second-story test room • Wall coverings ≤ ¼" with an air space 12 oz fiberglass 38 in. Information can be found on the LaHabra website. 7 Asamanufacturerofhighquality,technologicallyadvancedproducts, Stowishestoprovideyouwithasmuchinformationaspossibleto ensurethatyou,theprofessionalinstaller EIFS were originally designed and engineered as a face-sealed cladding assembly, meaning that all edges need to be properly sealed so no incidental moisture can pass through or around the edge of an EIFS cladding. Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems are proprietary by nature but follow the same general assembly which consists of the following components in order: Substrate, water-resistive barrier (optional), adhesive, Drainage plane, Insulation board (mechanical fasteners if no adhesive), Reinforcing mesh, Base Coat, Primer (if not integral with base coat & primer color), Finish Coat. chosen: in this case Dryvit’s exterior- This item: 48 in. Cornice details, battens, quoins, and window trims can all be manufactured out of EPS insulation and incorporated directly into an EIFS assembly. Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), or synthetic stucco, as it is often called, is complicated. It does this by eliminating mass transfer of warm moisture air into the wall assembly to a cold surface where it can condense. The system was In the 2009 IBC, EIFS were directly incorporated into the code in Section 1408, which requires compliance with ASTM E 2586, Standard Specification for PB Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. Guard EIFS against impact. View and download documents on installing handrail along with other misc. We are the originators of many innovative trims and offer the most complete line of PVC accessories for EIFS in the industry. S. Once a Since the late 1960s, we have been installing the epitome of a continuous insulating cladding. In AISC, Design Guide 22, Table 2-1. Defines the basic type of assembly (the major components of a building) as detailed below. com ). The Decoplast DDARS Notched Moisture Managed EIFS system is an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) that is used as an exterior wall cladding system on building exteriors. It can also be used as a retrofit over existing claddings. R-value: The framed portion of this wall assembly typically has an R-value of R-19-20  Standards that encompass durability for EIFS have not been a primary mandate for standard-writing to the moisture management properties of the assembly. The typical moisture damage in an EIFS assembly is deterioration due to mold, wood decay fungi and corrosion leading to decay, loss of strength and discoloration. NFPA 285 Assemblies. Insul-Flex Standard  an EIFS product and for compliance with applicable local building codes and construction practices. 1-3/4″ diameter, white washer with keyholes. Upon completion of the investigations, it was determined that the EIFS cladding system, after only ten years, had experi­ enced widespread failure, was unsalvageable, and would have to be replaced. performance in a home requires first that the the wall assembly (where interior finishes are building’s thermal envelope be designed and to remain), an exterior insulated solution was built to minimize the required capacity and . Exterior insulation for EIFS is typically EPS at R-4/inch. com 1-3/4″ diameter, white washer with keyholes. the Commercial EIFS is affixed. The product range includes adhesives with high initial grab and sealants which bond exterior walls and insulating wall panels. Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a general class of non-load bearing building EIFS installation was found to be a contributing factor in the  Jul 11, 2007 The typical moisture damage in an EIFS assembly is deterioration due to mold, wood decay fungi and corrosion leading to decay, loss of  sumers, as a component of a larger construction assembly as specified by a qualified . Open EIFS: A Resilient 100 Year Wall M. 1 CAN/CSA-A3001 Cementitious Materials for Use in Concrete . Floor-Ceiling - Fire-resistance-rated horizontal assembly serving as a floor or floor-ceiling. Assembly Usage Disclaimer. SUMMARY. Figure_03: Drainable EIFS Assembly. For painted substrates, the EIFS should either be mechanically fastened or metal lath installed and the EIFS adhesively installed according to the Parex USA technical information for installation over metal lath. 6 Special inspections. The problem with EIFS in the early years was that it was touted as a barrier system; meaning it will prevent water from entering the wall assembly. Morrison Hershfield: Designing EIFS For Predictable Service Life Morrison Hershfield paper identifies key performance parameters that affect EIFS service life, and provides recommendations for designers to follow in designing the assembly of a given EIFS clad wall assembly. This Digest explains the reasons why face-sealed PRM is used as a base coat, leveling and reinforcement for the Waterway Drainable Stucco assembly, EIFS and direct-applied systems, as well as an adhesive for some foam system applications. introduced North America to an exterior wall cladding system based on a revolutionary concept: installing insulation as part of the outside wall. EIFS  Jul 18, 2014 Open EIFS is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System that achieves high When implemented holistically, this assembly is both durable and  B. The early generation of EIFS (dryvit) were barrier systems totally reliant on the exterior skin to resist water penitration; flaws or cracks in the EIFS finish typically resulted in water leakage into the building. While similar in appearance to stucco, EIFS is an exterior cladding system that consists of components and installation requirements very different from  Opinions on Dryvit and EIFS (plank, installation, mold, insulation www. “Architects, building owners and general contractors no longer have to settle for regular gypsum sheathing when installing NFPA 285-compliant EIFS,” added Brent Paugh. ncstucco. For this reason, Blueskin® VP160 is designed to be installed in conjunction with Henry® authorized auxiliary products to create a complete WRB assembly that Consult the latest existing codes & regulations prior to the installation of any WBP System assembly. • For the internal assembly (i. Keyholes on washer for base coat bonding in Polymer Modified (PM) EIFS or synthetic wall systems. Vapor Retarders and barriers – The use and locat ion of vapor retarders and/or barriers within a wall assembly is the responsibility of the project designer and shall comply with local building code requirements. High tensile. Assembly Can stucco (portland cement plaster) be applied directly over painted brick? This is a common question that often arises when people are rehabbing or updating older construction. Repair of Exterior Insulation and Finish (EIFS) Wall Assemblies. The Senergy brand offers CI (Continuously Insulated), EIFS, Air Barriers, Panelized, and Stucco Wall Systems. This system is highly flexible, crack resistant and can be used for new construction as well as retrofit projects and offers the base level of benefits available in EIFS; energy efficiency, light weight, versatile design, and economical installation. 2. Approved January 2015 5. 6 Industry Publications . approach. D. Synthetic Stucco Systems (EIFS and DEFS). The Corrugated Lath Strip maintains a 1/8" drainage gap, which is the minimum to ensure a capillary break. Stucco Systems by Dryvit Dryvit offers five different improvements on the traditional stucco system- our Commercial Cement Plaster systems 1 through 5. The source of these details is from EIFS Industry Association (EIMA), or adapted from the concepts of Foam Sheathing Coalition (FSC). However, this is sometimes for political rather than commercial reasons, such as for Airbus. The system is approved with FOAMULAR® extruded polystyrene continuous insulation under a variety of masonry veneer exterior fi nishes, over Search for Georgia-Pacific assemblies by selecting an assembly type, hourly rating, STC rating or product type above - or type part of a assembly name. The Texas Department of Insurance has not authorized the use of any information contained in the product evaluation for advertising, or other commercial or promotional purpose. DDARS HERITAGE DDARS Heritage is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) or PB Barrier EIFS System consisting of Decoplast Flashing Membrane applied over glass mat gypsum EIFS with drainage was the best performing wall system among brick, stucco, & cement board wall systems. In this short discussion, we will touch on what EIFS is, what problems it has had and what home inspectors should watch for. The wall assembly consists of a system of components that fulfill the support, control, and finish function of the building envelope. W x 150 ft. M. Acceptance Criteria for EIFS Clad Drainage Wall Assemblies, AC235. Over the last 15 years, one of the biggest changes in the EIFS assembly has been the introduction of a fluid-applied air/moisture barrier installed over the substrate. eifs wall assembly, see 5/a410 vent assembly from dryvit, or approved equivalent see finish schedule for base and floor finish wp 5 alum. Discover ideas about Cladding Systems. Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) are cladding assemblies that can be configured in many ways to meet a range of end-use needs. Let’s look at my claim of why EIFS is the true continuous insulation system. and has a vast knowledge in the proper installation of EIFS Systems. While the precise placement and configuration of each component may vary between climates and individual buildings, the following components are typically found in the wall assembly (from exterior to interior): By improving the wall assembly’s U-factor and reducing thermal bridging, continuous insulation helps boost a building’s energy efficiency. BXUV - Fire Resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 263 Certified for United States BXUV7 - Fire Resistance Ratings - CAN/ULC-S101 Certified for Canada. EIFS can resemble traditional stucco, while offering additional energy efficiency, design versatility, weatherability, and durability. Be-cause most EIFS in the U. Exterior Structural CAD Detail Library This category provides details of cold-formed steel framed assemblies used in exterior structural applications. 08/2017 2017 Page - 4 1. c Do not use gypsum sheathing as a nailing base. 1 This test method covers a procedure to determine the resistance of a section of the exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) to outward loads imposed on an existing exterior wall assembly that has been in place on the building for an unspecified period of time. Therefore it is important to consider how the EIFS installation can affect the ability of sealants to both be installed properly and perform. L Non-Adhesive EIFS Stucco Mesh Product Overview It is used to reinforce stucco, cement, plastic, asphalt, roof, inside and outside walls and marble materials. EIFS assembly using a pull test method originally developed by this author. 5). What distinguishes an impact-resistant polymer-based EIFS wall assembly from a standard PB-EFIS wall assembly An impact-resistant assembly includes an extra layer of base coat and embedded high strength mesh EIFS - Problems and Solutions By Joseph Lstiburek Building Science Digest 146: last updated 2009/04/22 Stucco and EIFS are common cladding systems that appear similar from the exterior. (www. Substrate System: The total wall assembly including the attached substrate to which the Commercial EIFS is affixed. Qualifications: 1. Compared to many of the systems that EIFS can imitate, it is a cost-effective system in terms of both materials and installation costs. Note: This article cannot do justice to this topic. As a company, we are members in AWCI and certified by several major manufacturers. Over the years EIFS (synthetic stucco systems) have received a lot of bad press. , base coat, a traditional EIFS is often called a barrier, or face seal, wall design. 7 psf and EIFS self weight as 1 psf. 5 cm) wide mesh. Woven fiberglass mesh is an important part of a cementitious stucco or EIFS assembly. 38 in. Substrate (by others) Approved Assembly Assembly Evaluated For Building 1400 Suite 120 retarders within the wall assembly is the responsibility of the design professional. StoTherm® EIFS Installation Inspection Checklists . The author identifies the key performance parameters that affect EIFS service life, and provides recommendations for designers to follow in designing the assembly of a given EIFS clad wall assembly. 8. The successful installation and performance of EIFS  The adhesive or fastener patterns need to maintain this same gap throughout the wall in order to be a drainable EIFS assembly. 5 oz. EIFS-clad drainage-wall assemblies that are  EIFS, sometimes called synthetic stucco, or by the brand name Dryvit®, is a wall These components may include the studs or other base wall assembly,  EIFS over frame type construction presents the most significant wind exposure since Quality highly dependent upon age, type, and installation technique. The EIFS is a common type of exterior nonload-bearing wall assembly with combustible components commonly used in the United States. Incorrect selection or application of sealants, or missing sealants, provides an easy path for water entry and premature . Most of the EIFS used in the United States have been configured to meet demand for outstanding visual appeal at low initial cost. Backup – The interior or exterior assembly to which AMSV systems are installed. that the addition of an EIFS system to a rated wall system will not significantly add to nor detract from the fire-resistance rating of a wall assembly provided the attachment method of the EIFS system to the rated assembly is in a similar manner as that tested. Sealants at door perimeters x Remove and replace all door perimeter sealants. Speciality EIFS Assemblies: EIF Systems are available in a variety of configurations that can be engineered to meet specific design requirements. More information is available at www. Water Vapor and EIFS Introduction Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) came to the U. The basic process involves attaching insulation boards to various substrates like sheathing or concrete block, then troweling on a base coat which is reinforced with a mesh fabric. PUCCS EIFS for Residential and Low Rise Construction is an insulated cladding system specifically intended for use on wood sheathed walls. Mechanical fasteners should pass through the sheathing and engage the framing member behind the sheathing. Crack Resistant Systems and multi-year system  Wall Assemblies. It is an exterior wall cladding that is light weight, flexible, durable and adds energy saving insulation to the wall. Synthetic stucco wall cladding or products into an exterior wall assembly fabricated by others in the field. Every detail in the construction of these assemblies is critical in order to achieve the best possible result. Tyvek StuccoWrap is wrinkled to provide a drainage plane. Stucco is a "natural" product, while EIFS are/is a synthetic product. Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding systems that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system. Its core is often specially formulated with water-repellant and anti-microbial additives. 0 Page 3 of 17 June 2017 Introduction NFPA 285 for Testing of Wall Assemblies with Combustible Components The use of 1NFPA 285 as a means to gain acceptance of wall assemblies with combustible components in noncombustible Type construction (Types I - IV) has become Do EIFS have a fire rating? EIFS alone do not have a fire rating. Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section. Since introducing the world’s most energy efficient and easy-to-apply insulation and finishing system in 1963, Sto has been dedicated to consistently setting new industry benchmarks for creating building products that satisfy the needs of each and every customer. Since that time, Dryvit's innovative systems have been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of commercial and residential buildings. One type of system which has been widely used on residential homes is called “Barrier” EIFS. These areas were included in repair drawings for the repair contractor to sound (test the assembly by tapping and listening for differences in the sounds) for delaminated EIFS. Find an appropriate Firestop System by searching with the system number or by inputting the application characteristics into the filters. Hygrothermal performance Is define as the response of the EIFS wall assembly to thermal and moisture loads. For over 54 years, Component Assembly Systems, Inc. Morrison Hershfield Energy Modeling Study StoTherm NExT can significantly reduce energy costs in all climate zones. 1 . - We're looking at the back side of the assembly for the EIFS wall, it's our exterior wall here, and you can see we've got the green board for the sheathing, and it's always important when you see that bright green, or some companies make it in yellow EIFS I am wondering if it is still necessary to have a drainage plane behind the rigid foam layer of an EIFS system if the the foam is designed to be thick enough to prevent the dew point from reaching the exterior sheathing(For my project in Climate zone 6 this would be R-11. This presentation covers a review of some existing panelized EIFS installations along with laboratory performance testing of a panelized EIFS wall assembly. We are an established and trusted expert in the Portland metro and surrounding areas with respect to removal and replacing defective EIFS siding, and faulty or dated Stucco siding. In combination with other components of construction - windows, flash-ings and sealants - it resists moisture penetration at the outermost sur-face of the wall. EIFS were first introduced in the United States in the late 1960's, and were first used on commercial buildings, and later on homes. EIFS installations shall comply with the provisions of Sections 1704. See General Information for Fire-resistance Ratings - ANSI/UL 263 Certified for United States Design Criteria and Allowable Variances Disclaimer: Most of the published USG sound tests in Design Studio are performed in a laboratory environment. assembly . 100 mm x 76. Klamke contends that with the drainable EIFS, there is air space provided in the application, just as with brick. With 76-mm (3-in. 3/4 inch total thickness - or thicker if required by a fire resistance rated or STC rated assembly and a maximum in accordance with ASTM C926 that include includes a layer of continuous insulation up to 2 inches. StoTherm ® ci Frame Construction Series 52s. The system is comprised of light gage metal studs, a glass mat gypsum sheathing, a weather resistive barrier coating, a fiberglass EIFS (pronounced eefs) is an acronym for Exterior Insulation Finish Systems. Choose from a variety of Stucco Assemblies & EIFS Systems for both Residential and Commercial buildings. But under Common Design Assumption for System, it lists 10 psf for EIFS, which in note 5 at the bottom of the table includes gypsum sheathing, metal studs, and hardware. Testing has been performed to confirm that the fire resistance of an already rated wall assembly is maintained and is not reduced by the addition of EIFS. EIFS is a lightweight synthetic wall cladding that includes foam plastic insulation and thin synthetic coatings. Actually, it is not a newer product, it is an improved assembly. NFPA 268 - 2017 Standard Test Method for Determining Ignitability of Exterior Wall Assemblies Using a Radiant Heat Source Component Description and Installation 1. General: The Facades Com-mercial EIFS™ is an Exterior Insula-tion and Finish System, Class PB, consisting of an adhesive, insulation FACADES, INC. We welcome the opportunity to discuss relevant Issues on a project specific basis: Contact 1-800-305-1045 Cold climates may also lead to premature failure, particularly when EIFS coatings are applied at temperatures below the manufacturer’s design range. com 800-556-7752 . Images below represent a general overview of various Stuc-O-Flex system configurations and product applications. INTRO. The thermal imaging indicated areas of potential damage and trapped moisture. . This product evaluation is intended for use by those individuals who are following the design wind load criteria in Chapter 3 of the IRC and Section 1609 of the IBC. As with EIFS, success with DEFS comes by providing an effec-tive drainage assembly and taking care in detailing flashings and sealing joints. There is not a higher likelihood of moisture intrusion in these homes than in traditional brick homes. All EIFS assembly materials must be manufactured or sold by a single-source manufacturer EIFS and the Initial-cost Paradigm. 5 Canadian Standards Association (CSA) . This is assuming that the exterior flashing details are correct. TeifsFlex EIFS is classic EIF system. 1* Scope. 58-60. <br />1. approvalguide. Showing all 5 results Extruded Aluminum EIFS (5) 3-D Diamond Furr Assembly (7) Diamond Furr TT-4 System (11) Diamond Furr (41) 1 inch The low embodied energy of EIFS ranks the assembly among the lowest carbon footprints for cladding system alternatives. Teifs Scratch & Brown HE is an insulated standard stucco assembly and has a min. Sealant Joints-The other major culprit to accumulating moisture in EIFS construction are the joints that surround windows, balconies, and doors. x 150 ft. CHAPTER 5 Figure 5-13 shows common planes of failure of EIFS installed over wood and metal studs. D. By combining Old World methods with New World technology, you can get the stucco wall assembly you want with the performance you need. This drainable EIFS assembly process eliminates most of the moisture retention problems that plagued earlier versions of EIFS. Exterior System Details - EIFS The details that follow are standard details that depict proper detailing for exterior walls with an EIFS finish. Sponsored  Product Test Reports: For each EIFS assembly and component, [and for water- resistive barrier coatings, ]for tests performed by a qualified testing agency. Overall, the EIFS assembly allowed the entire project team to increase the insulation value of the wall, enhance the moisture protection of the building envelope, and lower the cost of the exterior cladding, while retaining the desired look of masonry and stone. Substrate / Sheathing WaterWay Drainable EIFS Assembly. Using Corrugated Lath Strip  EIFS, Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a cladding technique designed to protect and insulate After installation, check for any breaks or spaces. The components principally affected are the interior and exterior gypsum sheathing, the metal or wood studs and the fiberglass cavity insulation. For these reasons, EIFS has become one of requirements, EIFS manufacturers are required to conduct full-scale fire tests on their “systems” to ensure that they perform under real life fire conditions. thebuildingconsultant. The tables below contain downloadable standard design detail drawings for typical Unistrut applications–medical supports, rooftop walkways, and ceiling grid systems. from Europe where buildings usually have masonry or concrete walls and EIFS are bonded directly to the wall. " Mr. The loss of outward wind load resistance of an EIFS wall assembly after exposure to moisture and other weather conditions may compromise the ability of the cladding or other wall components to perform adequately in place. Since ASTM E 2586 requires EIFS to pass NFPA 285, Section 1408 essentially supplants the foam insulation requirements of Chapter 26 for EIFS. Is an intermediate strength mesh used to enhance impact and abuse resistance. EIFS Stucco Mesh - Excellent alkaline resistance. It makes no sense to me to install the plywood over the EIFS. Ready to prepare a submittal package? Get started by selecting a wall system you need below. Troubleshooting Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Cladding www. An EIFS that incorporates a WaterWay Stucco Assembly Features a Rainscreen Drainage Cavity, Enhanced Crack Resistance and Americas Finest Breathable Elastomeric Acrylic Finish typical window sill detail @ eifs wall scale: 1 1/2" = 1'-0" 6 typical window head detail @ eifs wall scale: 1 1/2" = 1'-0" 5 1'-5. EIFS with Drainage, another EIFS system, is the predominate method of EIFS applied today. NFPA 285 Fire Tested Wall Assemblies Owens Corning’s Commercial Complete Wall System has successfully passed the NFPA 285* fi re test in many variations giving architects options in exterior wall design. I am talking about the true continuous insulation exterior cladding, Exterior Insulation and Finish System. Prevent the accumulation of water behind the EIFS or into the wall assembly, either by condensation or leakage through the wall construction, in the design and detailing of the wall assembly: a. ) or thicker insulation, certain dowel systems can be countersunk, reducing effects of frequent wetting or condensing. Foam-Control has a number of options for NFPA 285 Compliance Assemblies: Assemblies incorporating a wide range of exterior claddings, air barriers, and Foam-Control cavity insulation. However, poor design and installation, as well as a lack of considering how to handle water when it did penetrate the barrier, were EIFS'' major downfall. In the end, all of the mechanical closets had the EIFS removed and replaced. The IBC requires prevention of water accumulation within the wall assembly by providing a water-resistive barrier behind the exterior veneer, and a means for draining water that enters the assembly to the exterior. EIFS Terms & Definitions Accessory: Any component installed in conjunction with an EIF System manufactured by that other than the systems manufacturer other than specific system components such as Portland cement and fiberglass reinforcing mesh. This Digest explains the reasons why face-sealed EIFS - Problems and Solutions By Joseph Lstiburek Building Science Digest 146: last updated 2009/04/22 Stucco and EIFS are common cladding systems that appear similar from the exterior. are bonded to wall assemblies of gypsum sheath-ing and metal studs, an American EIFS wall behaves differently Towards predicting the service life of EIFS, thus far over 25 years has been achieved by some EIFS clad buildings. Clients are as much a part of our company as our employees, and our commitment to our business relationships is unwavering. Designers, contractors, and owners all benefit from this advanced building approach. House Wrap Installation Tips for Construction Professionals. Please consult the Foam-Control NFPA 285 Assembly literature for complete information. CMU – Concrete masonry unit. and combustible claddings—EIFS, MCM, FRP, and HPL—on buildings taller than 40 feet above grade, which are categorized as construction types I-IV, that will subject an assembly to NFPA 285 testing. House Joint Resolution Number 466, passed by the 1997 General Assembly, requested the Board of Housing and Community Development to study the use of synthetic stucco (known as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems or EIFS) in Virginia. Visit. Select a system that matches the application by clicking in the system box. Standard Details One of the most common requests we receive concerns drawings for Unistrut support structures. They have excellent community reviews, high BBB ratings & are backed by our $1000 quality guarantee. 991 mm x 76. As an insulated stucco assembly, LaHabra FastWall 300 HE meets the new energy efficient wall regulations now in effect. Attachment of the EIFS is via either adhesive (gluing the insulation board to the substrate) or by screwing the insulation board to the substrate. Litigation related to the cladding failure resulted in Non-Loadbearing Exterior Insulation Finish Systems with or with out Moisture Management for use on Metal & Wood framed buildings, CMU , Brick or Concrete Buildings. 1 The purpose of this test method is to assess the installation adequacy and the overall effects of service-related deterioration (moisture, etc. General: The Facades Com-mercial EIFS Plus™ is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System, Class PB, with air barrier/water proof-ing, consisting of a liquid air barrier (WaterGuard™ System) adhesive, The EIFS is applied over a substrate which can be virtually any assembly that provides a flat surface onto which the EIFS is adhered or mechanically attached. An EIFS system using a 1⁄16-inch thick, reinforced PB coating applied to polystyrene insulation before the finish coat is applied is the most common type. Exterior Gypsum Sheathing’s glass mat facers are naturally mold and moisture resistant. Provide sheet metal copings at parapets as indicated on the drawings. Technical   Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) offer continuous insulation by design, allowing architects the design flexibility and aesthetics they require, while   May 10, 2016 Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior wall cladding that utilizes Installation of decks over EIFS without proper flashing. This exterior wall cladding system provides exterior walls with an insulated finished surface and waterproofing in an integrated composite material system. See warranty attached in the WES EIFS 24 Tech Sheet. A recent engineering study proved that EIFS Systems breathe just as well as brick, vinyl, & wood claddings (diffusing any vapor trapping myths). No. EIFS is a lightweight cladding that can imitate the appearance of numerous building materials, including brick, stone, metal panels, siding and stucco. Fire resistance is the ability of a material or an assembly to withstand fire or give protection from EIFS, Rollershield Drainage EIFS, OCS, Cemplaster, Stucco INTRO to EIFS (Exterior insulation and finishing system) An air barrier system minimizes the risk of condensation within the building envelope. Dryvit Outsulation - the original continuous insulation (CI). EIFS is a multi-layer system that con-sists of six basic components: • Substrate, usually exterior gypsum . EIFS used as an exterior cladding are always specified as “Drainable” EIFS. Sto EIFS NExT® is the next generation of EIFS which adds a seamless Parex Standard WaterMaster LCR - DM EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish) Rev. A basic stucco assembly over concrete or CMU, applied directly over approved water-resistive barrier and metal lath with a Dryvit finish. The insulation can be shaped to easily provide architectural details. Substrate /  4. Substrates should be installed per the manufacturer's installation instructions, be clean and unpainted. Steps, therefore, need to be taken in the design and installation of any EIFS assembly to compensate for this. Prefabrication has become widely used in the assembly of aircraft and spacecraft, with components such as wings and fuselage sections often being manufactured in different countries or states from the final assembly site. Can be used in combination with 355 Standard Mesh and 356 Short Detail Mesh. Weight approx 1. BASF Wall Systems is a leading manufacturer of EIFS, stucco, specialty finishes, and air / water-resistive barriers for the North American construction industry. If installed and maintained properly, it is completely safe. Since 1969 Miami, Florida-based Plastic Components has been a leading manufacturer of plastic trims and accessories for the construction industry. The author wishes to express his thanks to the Exterior Insulation EIFS is an acronym for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. Installed insulation R-value: The framed portion of this wall assembly typically has an R-value of R-19-20 when insulated with fiberglass batt or cellulose. Each board is made from 100% virgin polystyrene resin, aged and cut in accordance with the requirements of ULC-S701 and ULC-S102. These systems have very different attributes however. Except for Sto Corp, affected homeowners will receive $6 per exterior square foot of damage. The adhesive or fastener patterns need to maintain this same gap throughout the wall in order to be a drainable EIFS assembly. Stucco/EIFS Testing and Moisture Analysis Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) is a siding system used for exterior walls in both residential and commercial construction. Learn how The Estimating EDGE Software can   Chapter 20 Cladding with Masonry & Concrete Masonry & Concrete Cladding Materials Brick Masonry Stone Masonry Cut Stone Panels Precast Concrete . 8. Material installations may vary as do methods of construction and building code requirements. LEED AP / July 18, 2014 Open EIFS is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System that achieves high moisture resilience through increased drying capacity and redundant, yet practical, safeguards. This test method does not provide any means by which the test results may be generalized to the larger wall area. What is a conventional stucco system? Adhesives for Assembly Prefab and EIFS Inside, outside and everything in between… By combining design with efficiency, wrapping a building with an external insulation and finishing system (EIFS), contributes to both the comfort of building inhabitants as well as the external beauty and allure of a building. It is unlikely that one may encounter PM EIFS, as class PB is by far the most widely utilized EIFS on the market today: according to an EIMA (EIFS Industry Manufacturer’s Association) representative PB EIFS accounts for over 99% of all EIFS clad homes built in the last 10 years. assembly including the attached sub-strate to which The Facades Com-mercial EIFS Plus™ is affixed. EIFS first was imported to the United States in the late '60's. Application PRM is usually applied with stainless steel masonry trowels at a nominal 1/16 -1/8 inch. Thermowall Insulation Boards - All GUTEX boards should be properly sealed and wrapped. html little lay-down space, small installation crews, and minimal job site waste. Exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) is a relatively new cladding system The EPS insulation board used in EIFS can be grooved, moulded, and shaped into a near endless variety of designs. Pliobond™ products have been designed to meet the highest industry standards and provide ease of application. Self-adhesive. EIFS are typically made up of several different layers, and reinforcing mesh is one of the strongest components enhancing the performance, durability and aesthetics of the system. 2 • High impact EIFS assembly is strongly recommend focus on DEFS, which are similar to EIFS, except that the two-part stucco finish is applied over a cementitious or special-OSB base in-stead of over EPS foam boards. Because face-sealed EIFS does not include provisions for drainage or drying from the inside of the assembly, it has largely been replaced by drained EIFS. C. board, oriented strand board (OSB), or plywood; • combined with a means, which allows water entering an EIFS assembly to drain. 3-D Diamond Furr Assembly Showing all 7 results Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Ashland has a full line of solvent and water-based bonding adhesives for single-ply roofing membranes and industrial grade contact adhesives. EIFS have passed the major fire resistance tests that are required by the building codes. Caulk and construction adhesive at the watertable/sill to prevent water from entering the wall assembly. Fire resistant. typ. Blown off EIFS revealed severely rotted oriented strand board (OSB) due to water infiltration at windows and wall penetrations. Disclaimer: Most of the published USG sound tests in Design Studio are performed in a laboratory environment. It may replace the listed gypsum sheathings found in the EIFS approvals. Traditional EIFS as well as prefabricated EIFS panels have been tested in a variety of typical wall assembly configurations and have successfully passed the stringent NFPA 285 flame-propagation test as well as the ASTM E-119 2-hour load-bearing wood-frame assembly test. EIFS are. 3. 3. Although sealant is not part of the EIFS, it is part of the wall assembly. JOURNAL. The most trusted eifs installation services in undefined are on Porch. EIFS are popular chiefly for their low cost and high insulating values, and they are used in a range of construction types, from hotels to office parks to multifamily housing. eifs assembly

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