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Software Defined Networking

merkredo, Julio 23rd, 2014

Don’t miss the amazing coursera course, SDN (Software Defined Networking). As follow a mindmap of the course content, a complete coverage of all aspects of the domain:

Modeling Exponential Weight Factor using Nova modeler.

lundo, Februaro 17th, 2014

This is an attempt to model the Exponential weight factor used to calculate the average WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection) queue size using Nova modeler software.

WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection) is a congestion avoidance mechanism used in networking quality of service to slow traffic by randomly dropping packets when congestion exists.

This technique can be used to control the sensibility of the reactivity of any system to the variation of an input.

– High values of n will make the system loosely react to input rate (Not very sensible)
– Low values of n will make the system closely react to input rate (Highly sensible).

Here is a link to the model file: